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An Open Letter from Marcus Epps

By Marcus Epps, 06/10/20, 1:00PM PDT


I’ve been struggling to find the words to portray how this tragedy of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Aubrey, David McAtee and thousands of other Black people killed and abused simply cause of the color of their skin makes me feel. My heart is heavy, I am furious, I am sad, I am fearful, and I am tired of feeling this way. The history of racism in this country is a hideous and horrible reality that has taken the lives of countless black and brown people. That is Wrong! It is long past time that we as people and children of God take a look at ourselves and deal with this evil around us.

I am a Black Man, my family & loved ones are Black. My immediate ancestors fought tirelessly so that their descendants could know what freedom, equality, peace justice, all the things that we as a country speak on as “principles” we hold dear. Even though we have come a long way tell me why I live everyday with the fear of seeing tears on my loved ones faces every time I’m pulled over or approached by law enforcement. That is wrong!

How long must this go on until we all as people come together and speak on the truth that this is wrong! A few days ago I had to come to terms with the fact that mine and possibly my children lives will never come to truly know justice, peace and equality. That is wrong!

It is time for us to reflect and educate ourselves on what is happening in this country and around the world and come together to make this right. We owe this to ourselves and to the future to leave them a racism free world! Black people we are strong and we need that strength and the strength of everyone to put an end to this evil that is racism! God has already instilled in all of us what we need to get through this. All lives can’t matter until black lives matter cause no life is precious until all lives are & it is time!

The support shown around our country and the world from its people gives me hope! They speak of and for a voice that has been ringing out for hundreds of years and its time that it is heard! Many cities how come together to give PHENOMENAL support to the black community and all those affected by it and I only pray that our governing officials hear that voice and take appropriate action that will lift us out of these dark times for the good of the people. I urge that people continue to be that voice and continue to educate ourselves and those around us so that not only the world becomes a better place but so that also we become better people for it. Enough is enough! It is time that we love one another the way God intended.

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